About this Conference Series

 Christ Covenant Church is hosting a series of annual conferences that examine Biblical Worship as prescribed by God.


Biblical Worship: Equipping the Church for its Service to God



What is Biblical Worship?

Biblical worship begins with God, the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is God who reveals himself as the only one worthy of worship.  Through Scripture God instructs us how we are to worship him.  Worship that is pleasing to God is in Spirit and truth.  Worship that serves God is from the heart.  It is from the right spirit or motive of the heart.  Biblical worship focuses not only on the forms of worship but also the attitude of the heart.  Worship that is pleasing to God from the heart conforms to Scripture.  Biblical worship frees us from the innovations of human imagination to follow the only standard – Scripture – which should bind our consciences. 

God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth (John 4:24).


What is the Purpose of these Conferences?

Worship is the most important act that Christians can do in life.  For this reason this conference seeks to equip God's people so they can offer acceptable worship to God.  Our aim is to bring Christians from various churches and denominations together, so they may be better equipped to serve God in the public, corporate, service of worship.  Biblical and practical instruction will facilitate this goal.  Worship in spirit and truth, which is pleasing to God, is the chief purpose of the image bearers of God.


Join us Sunday at 

9:30 am at 3100 Covenant Rd.

11:00 am at 1824 Barnwell St.