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Everyday Doctrines - Covenant of Grace

We find ourselves in situations where we often wonder, "How long will it be like this?". Of these 'situations' the situation we should be most concerned about is a life in relationship to God bound under the covenant of works. A covenant is a relationship that God sovereignly administers with his creatures. All mankind are the descendants of the first Adam and live in rela...

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Parenting Children Who Serve Part 2

Our children are being raised in a world that defines greatness by being served. But our Lord is the King of an eternal kingdom where greatness is seen in the lives of those who serve. This is the second post on teaching children to be the servants of all. Teach Them Serving People is Serving the LordServing people and serving the Lord are not two different things. When w...

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Parenting Children Who Serve, Part 1

Five ways we can trust God to help us raise children who serve....

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Parenting Through A Super Bloom in the Valley of Death

Yesterday I published a post on parenting children who serve. In that post I talked about teaching your children that they are served each day by the living and true God. One of the ways to do that is to demonstrate it to them in God's grand theater of general or natural revelation. We can show them the magnificant ways God governs and preserves his creation to serve the n...

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Everyday Doctrines- God's Revelation

The knowledge of God is not for mere speculation but that the creature may have a living experience of his Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer....

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Parenting and Athletics

Please read this brief article in preparation for Wednesday night parenting class. Remember, it's only a game. That's an important prompt in youth athletics not just for the kids, but even more so for coaches bent on winning and parents pressing to live vicariously through their children. Against the backdrop of our societal obsession with sports is the craziness that ...

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