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Vocation, It All Matters

"What does God want me to do?" This is a question I often hear from people struggling with their jobs or vocations. The two answers I most often give are, his revealed will given everyday in the Scriptures, and the thing he has you doing now. We should be doing what he has given our hands to do right now for the good of others and his glory according to his revealed will. ...

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Idolatry, Having Other "Gods"

The New City Catechism1 addresses the matter of idolatry in week 17: Q.: What is idolatry?A.: Idolatry is trusting in created things rather than the Creator for our hope and happiness, significance and security. Martin Luther says, "To whatever you give your heart and entrust your being, that...is really your god...Everyone has set up for himself some particular god to w...

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God's Effectual Call

Today's everyday doctrine comes from the Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 10: Of Effectual Calling: 1: All those whom God hath predestinated unto life, and those only, He is pleased, in His appointed time, effectually to call, by His Word and Spirit, out of that state of sin and death, in which they are by nature to grace and salvation, by Jesus Christ; enlightenin...

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The Benefits of Christ's Resurrection

Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ? You must for your: JustificationLife Before GodFuture Resurrection The Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 17 tells us we receive three benefits from the resurrection of Christ. Q. 45. What does the "resurrection" of Christ profit us?A. First, by his resurrection he has overcome death, that he might make us partakers of th...

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Justification and a Justifying Faith

The everyday importance of the doctrine of justification cannot be understated. It is the doctrine on which the church stands at every hour of it's existence. A doctrine everyone one of her members must understand, believe and live. Martin Luther, the German Reformer of the 16th century wrote, "This doctrine [justification by faith] is the head and the cornerstone. It alo...

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Sanctification, Grace for Good Works

The Belgic Confession was written to teach the church what God has revealed in his Word about particular matters of theology or doctrine. Today's everyday doctrine focuses on "Sanctification". As the writers of the Shorter Catechism state, "Sanctification is a work of God's free grace, whereby we are renewed in the whole man after the image of God, and are enabled more and...

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Is It Okay to Laugh?

"Is it okay to laugh before God in prayer? Is this irreverent?" This was one of the final questions that was asked in our Life Group last Sunday morning. The father said they had been to the zoo and upon returning home he was praying with his 3 year old son. He was giving thanks to God for the wonders they had seen in the animals that he has created and sustained. While pr...

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Thanksgiving, A Benefit in Christ

When, by God's grace, we look upon Christ crucified in faith, the profit gained in this life and the next is incalculable. One of the primary advantages afforded by God's grace in union with the crucified Christ is to live a life toward him in gratitude. It is a great benefit to be rescued from the destructive life of sacrificing one's self to self love leading to a lovele...

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Satisfaction Leads to Humility

How can a holy God be just and forgive sinners? When a father forgives his son for losing a tool from his tool shed, we say he is merciful. This is right. But if the father demanded that the child be punished for the rest of his lifetime, we would say this is not just. It would not be just for the father is not righteous. He also loses things. But when a person who is sinf...

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Everyday Doctrine: BC (Before Christ)

BC, Before Christ, is one way we understand time. It refers to the time of ancient history before the first coming or incarnation of Jesus Christ. In time eternal there is no "Before Christ" for Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God who is God (John 1:1). Time and space have their beginning not before him but in him as all things were created through him and for him (Jo...

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Baseball is Back, So Is Respect

Baseball is back and I am a "settler", I have cable. But it's good enough to allow me to catch the Atlanta Braves when I am able, and for that I am glad to settle. Not that the Braves are promising to be anything off the charts this year. Actually it looks to be the opposite. They lost to the Washington Nationals last night 4-6 leaving them 0-6 for the year and in 5th plac...

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In My Place Condemned He Stood, Propitiation

In 1875 Philip P. Bliss penned these words to his hymn, Man of Sorrows! What a Name, concerning the suffering Savior, Man of Sorrows! What a name for the Son of God, who came ruined sinners to reclaim: Hallelujah! What a Savior! Bearing shame and scoffing rude, in my place condemned he stood, sealed my pardon with his blood: Hallelujah! What a Savior! The Heidelberg Cat...

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Sola Fide, Enough Said

There are some statements of our one true faith that say it all. The Belgic Confession (1561) is one of those when it teaches us concerning justification by faith alone. Belgic Confession Article 22: The Righteousness of Faith We believe that for us to acquire the true knowledge of this great mystery (Article 21: The Atonement)the Holy Spirit kindles in our hearts a true...

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A Reward You Cannot Lose

The sovereign gracious choice of God before the foundations of the world to make a people from all the nations to be his own through the redemption of the Son and his loving adoption is unchangeable. The basis of this eternal persevering salvation of his own beloved children is the unchangeable nature of God expressed in his immutable decrees, not the meritorious virtue a ...

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Are You Full of It?

Some people are 'full of it'. How do you know someone is 'full of it'? A man is known by his words. His words reveal if he's full of truth or deceit, wisdom or foolishness, love or flattery. King David penned his disgust with a people who are 'full of it'. He said, Save, O LORD, for the godly one is gone; for the faithful have vanished from among the children of man. Ever...

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