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Forgiveness and the Place of Anger

There is one certainty about human relationships, they can be painful. Forgiveness, absorbing the pain in hurtful relationships, is necessary for those relationships to function as God designed. We forgive, it's costly, as we have been forgiven in Christ, it was more costly. Anger is a necessary and costly emotion we experience when we are hurt by another. Trying to avoid...

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First Steps in Giving Forgiveness

Giving forgiveness requires getting forgiveness. God gives forgiveness freely at the cost of the death of his own Son. All mankind has nothing but need. We cannot make up for our sins. We are completely dependent upon God's mercies, and God demonstrates his love for us while we were sinners Christ died for us (Rom.5:8). God accepted this sacrifice of himself and verified t...

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The Practical Value of the Infinite Worth of Christ's Death

When I think of my unworthiness in light of what I did or did not do, said or did not say, thought or did not think, then I must think upon the worth and value of Christ's death. When I think of someone else's unworthiness in light of what they did or did not do, what they said or did not say, or I am sure they thought or worse yet, what they did not think, then I must th...

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