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Christ Covenant Church Update Aug 14, 2018

Christ Covenant Church Update August 14, 2018 Being Connectional Life in this world is connectional. We come into the world connected by an umbilical cord, and no one goes out of this world without the notice of family and friends. In the church we are the children of the Father bound together by the Spirit as one in Christ Jesus. Just as no human being can deny their c...

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Christ Covenant Church Marriage Update

Christ Covenant Church Update A Marriage of Joy Planning for a wedding is arduous. The actual wedding is glorious. The long days building up to the Big Day are filled with busyness. There are stresses and strains in relationships around all the planning and accomplishing of tasks. There are anxious moments as all involved try to get everything done. But then the Day arri...

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Fires in Greece-2018

July 30, 2018 Dear Friends, Last week we closely followed news reports regarding the devastating wildfires which broke out in Greece. Our hearts are deeply saddened as we have read numerous accounts of people fleeing for their lives; the pictures we have seen are quite sobering. Many were trapped in their homes and automobiles by the intense fires that were swept along b...

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A Church Marriage - Update July 11, 2018

Dear Christ Covenant Church Family, It was a great joy to participate in our first combined worship service last Sunday July 8th, and then to gather together around the tables for a meal. God is giving us a taste of feasting in the house of Zion. The marriage of the Lamb and his Church is our hope of glory, and in the present we are getting a foretaste in the marriage of ...

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Moving Forward

I have spent the last couple of days rejoicing in our Lord and giving thanks for the privilege of participating in the work of his church and kingdom. I have wept tears of joy as I've recounted what he has done, and I have wept tears of sadness as I've recounted what these churches have endured. To share in our Lord's joys and sorrows is a privilege as he leads us to endur...

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A Note From Pastor Jim

This week began with wonderful worship wrapped around two sermons and our Lord's feeding us at his supper, along with a fellowship dinner in between. Thank you to all who participated in providing us with a splendid meal and who came up by faith to worship the LORD our help. Looking Back From the Morning Sermon: I encourage you to take our telling of what God has done f...

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Public Faith Conference February 16-17, 2018

I am inviting anyone who would like to join me for a live stream conference at Christ Church: Public Faith Conference: Formed to Share Our Hope in Christ February 16-17, 2018Christ Church via Live Stream from Redeemer Church Ministries NY In the pluralistic culture we live in, what does it look like to share our faith? In our current day, some of us might be finding it...

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A Simple Way to Pray

Prayer is our privilege, and that privilege is provided by God through his word. I want to encourage you in a simple way to pray. There are those in the church who have their way of prayer each day. But most of us struggle to have 'a way of prayer'. We try different forms at different times. We try something for a while then our way slips away under the pressures of time a...

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Participation in the Advent

In the season of Advent we have the privilege of encountering Jesus our true joy. Advent is a season of waiting, a time of anticipation, as we look for the arrival of our Savior in our hearts. The word advent means arrival. The most common advent traditions celebrated by the church celebrate the first arrival of Jesus Christ in his birth. The scope of our advent celebratio...

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How Sanctification Works


Sanctification, the way the redeemed in Christ reflect his glory after his image, is both positional and progressive. Positional Sanctification is something the Christian has by grace presently in his union with Christ. As the apostle says, And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by th...

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