10 Priorities for Prayer in 2015

10 Priorities for Prayer in 2015

As I consider the year ahead of Christ Church and my commitment to prayer for his church, I am committed to the following priorities. I would encourage you to read, study, and pray through these priorities with me in 2015.

1. Praying for our praying. We enter the kingdom of God by prayer (Lk.18:9-14) and we persist in the kingdom of God by prayer (Lk.18:1-8). It is in prayer that the church is conceived (Acts 1:14), grows (2:42; 6:4,7), and perseveres (4:23-31).

2. Praying for our planning. Joseph made plans for the years of plenty and the years of want (Gen.41:32-36). His plans were based on the certainty of who God is and what God made known he would do (Gen.41:31). We have certainty of who the Lord of the church is and what he says he will do (Mt.16:16-18). Therefore, we must plan and commit those plans to the Lord (Pr.16:3).

3. Praying for our doctrine. When God gave us his inspired Word he gave us sound doctrine. Doctrine is the content of the Christian faith as revealed to us in God's Word. When the church is not taught and does not believe sound doctrine then she does not reach maturity in Jesus Christ (Eph.4:14; 1Tim.4:16). Therefore, we must teach sound doctrine (Tit.2:1) and live sound doctrine (1Tim.4:6).

4. Praying for our unity. The Prince of Peace (Isa.9:6) is the peace of the church (Rom.5:1; Eph.2:14) and the one who brings peace into our relationships with one another in the church (Eph.2:14-24). We have become the dwelling place of God's by his Spirit, so that we may be eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Eph.4:3).

5. Praying for our outreach. The church is the going of God to our neighbors in loving words and deeds. The church goes with the Word of God to make disciples and bring them into the church through the sacraments (Mt.28:18-20). The church goes with the deeds of God to do good to all (Eph.6:10) for the glory of God (Mt.5:16; Jn.15:8).

6. Praying for our life. One of the great testaments to the truth and reality of the gospel we preach is the love we have and share with one another. The effects of believing in the love of God for us revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ (Rom.5:8), is love for one another (Jn.13:34). The life we have together in love makes known we are his disciples (Jn.13:35).

7. Praying for our membership. Life in Christ is life in his church (Mt.28:19). The life of the church is a life of submission and obedience to Christ through his leaders (Heb.13:17). Therefore, the maturing life of the Christian is a maturing life in the particular body of Christ. To have God as Father we must have the church as mother (Cyprian). The particular church is the birthplace and the nurturing place of all those who have life in the Son.

8. Praying for our leadership. Those who live their life in Christ in his church require servant leadership (Heb.13:17). The church is served and lead by deacons and elders (Acts 20:28; 1Tim.3:1-13; Tit.1:5-9; 1Pe.5:1-4). The church matures through the serving leadership of gifted teachers (Eph.4:11-16; 2Tim.2:2). The church lives off of leadership in many areas (Rom.12:3-8; 1Cor.12:12-31; 1Pe.4:10-11). Therefore, she must live raising up, equipping, and empowering leaders by the Spirit of God.

9. Praying for our reach. The reach of Christ Church is beyond Columbia. We are made witnesses beyond Columbia to the ends of the earth (Acts1:8). We are made disciplers of all nations when we are made the disciples of Jesus Christ (Mt.28:18-20). The church exists with her prayers, her gifts, and her people for the nations, tongues, and peoples, that they may have their gladness in God their Redeemer (Ps.96:11).

10. Praying for our worship. We were made for the worship of the one true God (Ex.20:1-11; 34:14; Ps.29:2; 95:6; Rom.1:21-23). The one true God seeks those who will worship him in spirit and in truth by redeeming his church in Christ and rescuing them from false worship (Jn.4:23-24). Who and how we worship matters to God (Ex.20:1-6; 1Cor.14:26-40; Heb.11:6; 12:18-29).

"Shout on, pray on, we're gaining ground - glory, hallelujah!"

Pastor Jim


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