A Church Marriage - Update July 11, 2018

Dear Christ Covenant Church Family,

It was a great joy to participate in our first combined worship service last Sunday July 8th, and then to gather together around the tables for a meal. God is giving us a taste of feasting in the house of Zion. The marriage of the Lamb and his Church is our hope of glory, and in the present we are getting a foretaste in the marriage of Covenant Presbyterian Church and Christ Church becoming Christ Covenant Church.

We want to be clear in our communications as we move along in this marriage. We will be creating opportunities for open clear communication, question and answer, and in writing. Below is a current update. If you have any questions please contact the church office at Christ Church.

The Elders and Deacons of Christ Church met with the Mission to North America (MNA) Committee of Presbytery Tuesday July 10th. The meeting was of great encouragement as the committee passed motions to receive Christ Church and her officers into the PCA to be joined with Covenant Presbyterian Church and her officers as Christ Covenant Church. The Ruling Elders and Deacons from Christ Church will be meeting on July 17th and July 22nd to be examined by this committee. Please be in prayer for these men.

The Planning Team (Jim Wilkerson, Jamie Thomason, Cindy Jones, Amy Hamby, and Brad Carnahan) met following the meal on Sunday July 8th. The team is making the following recommendations to the Session:

The Formation of Facility Teams to Prepare 3100 Covenant Road for Worship, Life, and Ministry Together for Christ Covenant Church.

  • Church / School Liaison Team
  • Church Administration / Education Space Team
  • Church Fellowship Space Team
  • Church Worship Space Team

The goal of these teams is to survey the present space and make recommendations to the Session and Diaconate for short term and long term plans for the use of the space. The aim of the short term use plans will be to prepare the property for a ‘Launch Date’ of Christ Covenant Church in the Fall of 2018. This Launch Date will be determined by the Session and Diaconate. If you have interest in being a part of one of these teams please contact Jim Wilkerson or Scott Dinkins.

Joint Worship at 1824 Barnwell St. on Sunday July 29th at 10:00 am, Followed by a Life Group 11:25-12:00 on Christ Covenant Church Vision and Mission.

Christ Church and Covenant Presbyterian Church Worship Separately on Sunday August 5th. Jim Barden to Supply Pulpit at CPC / Scott Dinkins at CC.

Members of Session and Diaconate Attend (if available) Palmetto Presbytery Meeting on Thursday August 9th 8:30 am.

Combined Worship at 1824 Barnwell St. on August 12th at 1824 Barnwell St. Time TBD

Corporate Prayer Gathering at 3100 Covenant Rd. Thursday August 16th 6:00 pm

Service to Constitute Christ Covenant Church 5:00 PM, Sunday August 19, 2018

Christ Covenant Church Launch Date Fall 2018 TBD

We will be meeting for Corporate Prayer Thursday July 12th at Christ Church at 6:00 pm. We want to encourage you to come pray together as our Lord moves us forward in a marriage. The Session will be meeting at 7:15 following prayer.

The average spending on a wedding in America is $36,000. But what is given in love in the days, months, and years that follow in that marriage is far more important. It is important for every married couple to be lifelong learners in the area of loving one another. The same is true in the church. We have to keep learning how to love one another as our Lord makes us one church who loves God and our neighbor. This is how the world will know that we are his disciples, as we learn to love him in worship, love one another in Christ by his grace and truth, and our neighbors as ourselves. Thank you for giving with us in worship, life, and ministry together.


Join us Sunday at 

10:00 am at 1824 Barnwell St

6:00 pm at 3100 Covenant Rd.