Participation in the Advent

In the season of Advent we have the privilege of encountering Jesus our true joy. Advent is a season of waiting, a time of anticipation, as we look for the arrival of our Savior in our hearts. The word advent means arrival. The most common advent traditions celebrated by the church celebrate the first arrival of Jesus Christ in his birth. The scope of our advent celebrations extend beyond his birth to his life, death, resurrection, ascension and promised second coming. Advent encompasses the whole of the good news of God’s kingdom revealed in Jesus Christ. Therefore it is our aim to encounter Jesus Christ this advent season as he is revealed in the gospel. But this encounter is not complete until we lift up our hearts to him in worship by faith expecting him to be our joy.

We need to be rescued to our true joy. Advent is a season to rescue Christmas as a time of our true joy. We must keep Jesus Christ central to our hearts that we may rest in him our true joy this Christmas.

Our regular participation in worship during the month of December is what God provides for us that our joy would be restored, renewed, and maintained in him. The sermon texts each week, and our observance of the Lord’s Supper in the morning service on the first Sunday, is God’s means of communicating his grace in Christ to our hearts. We encourage you to read these texts prior to each service, and prepare your hearts to worship together with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Also we want to inform our parents with young children (4-11 year olds) that we will be having a advent children’s lesson in the morning service led by one of our elders. In the evening service we will be conducting a children’s lesson during the sermon portion of our service. The children will be led by one of our pastors and a helper outside the sanctuary for the last thirty minutes of the evening service. The aim of our attention to our children in these teachings is to bring them near God's throne of grace that their hearts will be filled with joy as they are encountered by the living Christ.

Finally, we want to encourage your personal or family devotions at home during the week of the advent season. We will be providing a guide based on the the texts that were preached on the Lord’s Day. This guide will be able to be used throughout the week as we trust the Lord to use his means of grace in Word and prayer to build us up into our true joy, Jesus Christ.

We are prayerful that God will use his ordinary means of grace during this season of advent to encounter Jesus Christ, renewing our hearts by his gospel, and bringing us into our true joy found in him.


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