Christ Covenant Church Update Aug 14, 2018

Christ Covenant Church Update August 14, 2018

Being Connectional

Life in this world is connectional. We come into the world connected by an umbilical cord, and no one goes out of this world without the notice of family and friends. In the church we are the children of the Father bound together by the Spirit as one in Christ Jesus. Just as no human being can deny their connections to other human life, no Christian can deny their connection to the Triune God and one another.

Every particular church enjoys connections. Christ Covenant Church now has the privilege and responsibility to enjoy connections with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). On Thursday August 9th the Palmetto Presbytery welcomed Christ Covenant Church, her officers, and pastors into the PCA. The court of Presbytery voted unanimously on the following recommendations:

  • That Christ Church of the Carolinas be received as a PCA congregation in Palmetto Presbytery with their elders and deacons, who have been examined and approved. to serve on the Session and Board of Deacons.
  • That Christ Church of the Carolinas and Covenant Presbyterian Church, by their request, receive each other's Session and Board of Deacons and be merged as one church in Palmetto Presbytery of the PCA.
  • That Teaching Elder Jim Wilkerson be approved as the pastor of the combined church.
  • That Palmetto Presbytery appoint a commission to include members of the Palmetto Presbytery MNA Committee with the chairman as convener to officially constitute the merged church as a PCA congregation in Palmetto Presbytery and to officially constitute the merger.
  • That a service of organization take place on August 19, 2018 at 5:00 PM under the direction of the commission which is to have a quorum of 2 teaching elders and 2 ruling elders.

The Session is encouraged to see our 2018 goal of becoming a part of a Presbyterian and Reformed denomination reached. The Session encourages you to join the members of the Church and Presbytery you are now connected with in the special Service of Organization for Christ Covenant Church this Sunday August 19th at 5:00 pm.

A Service of Organization

The Service of Organization of Christ Covenant Church PCA will be a special time in the life of our church. Our churches have voted and prepared, the Presbytery has voted, and now it is time for a service of worship where Christ Covenant Church officially becomes a church of the Presbyterian Church in America.

What can you expect to experience in this service of worship. The first portion of the service will be similar to our regular morning worship. There will be a time of praise, of renewal around the gospel, and commitment in the reading and preaching of Scripture. Pastor George Crow of Northeast Presbyterian Church will be present to preach God’s Word. After the sermon and the singing of a congregational hymn we will participate in a particular order of organization. The Ruling and Teaching Elders of Palmetto Presbytery will serve in this portion of the service as there will be vows taken by the congregation, the officers, and the pastor. The service will close with the congregational singing and a Benediction. After the service there will be a reception for a special time of fellowship. This is an important and historic service in the life of Christ Covenant Church.

Temporarily Displaced

This marriage of two churches is enjoying a temporary displacement. Christ Covenant Church will be meeting for worship and life together at 1824 Barnwell Street for the immediate future. The Committees are continuing to meet and are making progress toward our launch date at 3100 Covenant Road. They are presently putting together costs and time tables so that the Session can make a decision for a launch date.

If you are interested in serving in this process there is work to be shared. There are administrative and organizational details in each of these committees that can be carried together. If you are interested in assisting with the handling of details these committees are working on, please contact Jim or Scott, and they will be glad to help you get connected and involved..

Ministry Together

While we are moving forward as Christ Covenant Church there are ministry together opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing any of the following opportunities please contact the appropriate person.

  • Discipling / Mentoring Young Mothers - Julie Armstrong or Julie Taridash
  • Supporting Ministry to University Students - Scott Dinkins
  • Involvement in Ministering to International Students - Jim Wilkerson
  • Neighborhood Visitation and Bible Studies - Jim Wilkerson

Vision and Mission

Vision - Christ Covenant Church exists as a gospel movement for personal conversion and renewal, community formation, mercy, justice, and cultural renewal in Columbia and the world.

Mission - Worship, Life and Ministry Together in Christ

We want to continue to communicate our Vision and Mission. The Vision is what we want to see, and the Mission is what we do. What we want to see and what we do is dependent upon what God does among his church. Therefore I want to encourage you to learn to see the Vision and Mission as reflected in the Scriptures. Secondly, I want to ask you to pray with me from those Scriptures asking God to work in his church his vision and mission at Christ Covenant Church.

Last week we looked at how a gospel movement affects personal conversion and renewal bringing about worship, life and ministry together. This week I want to ask you to see from the Scriptures a “gospel movement” that affects “personal conversion and renewal” leading to “community formation”. A Gospel Movement is when the gospel is rediscovered, lifted up, understood and becomes a dynamic in individual lives and in the church corporately. In the individuals life this movement brings about conversion and renewal. The conversion or renewal of individuals always leads to community formation or life together in the church.

There is a simple example of this in Acts 10. The apostle Peter is called to preach the gospel to a Roman centurion named Cornelius. Peter is a Jew who has only ever abided by God’s dietary laws in eating clean foods. But God confronts him over his prideful heart in this matter. It is implied in the story that Peter also sees others, like the Gentiles, who eat unclean foods as unclean and not worthy of God’s redeeming love. The Lord renews Peter’s heart around the gospel by declaring that which is unclean to be clean. He then sends him to Cornelius’ home to preach the gospel to a people Peter was reluctant to associate himself with. The gospel brings a Jew near and into community with a Gentile. Peter preaches the gospel and Cornelius and all his household believe in Jesus Christ for salvation, and are baptized as they receive the gift of God in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Peter, being renewed by the gospel recognizes, that God gives the Holy Spirit to all who believe and are personally converted. Therefore, community is formed by a movement of the gospel. Two people, a Jew and a Gentile, are brought together as one, through the working power of the gospel.

A movement of the gospel affects change in individuals by personal conversion and renewal, and this leads to community formation or life together. God is not satisfied to leave his world as a broken and divided place. He reconciles people to himself by the power of the gospel and that same power reconciles people one to another. Let’s pray that God will do this kind of community formation or life together by a movement of the power, wisdom, and goodness of his gospel.

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