Christ Covenant Church Marriage Update

Christ Covenant Church Update

A Marriage of Joy

Planning for a wedding is arduous. The actual wedding is glorious. The long days building up to the Big Day are filled with busyness. There are stresses and strains in relationships around all the planning and accomplishing of tasks. There are anxious moments as all involved try to get everything done. But then the Day arrives and everyone involved rejoices with the happy couple who cannot seem to get the smiles off their faces. And when the officiant finally announces them one, everyone is expresses joy together.

Our Lord, for the joy of being reunited with the Father and joined to his Bride endured the cross scorning its shame. The marriage of Christ Church with Covenant Presbyterian Church will happen by the way of the cross. Each member and each corporate body will have to take up their cross and follow our Lord in the way he is leading us. Each member nor each body can take their cues from the disengaged groom who says he will just let the bride and her mamma take care of everything. Nor can each member and each body take their cues from the controlling bride who says she will run the show and have her day. Christ Covenant Church must be clothed in the righteousness of Christ by grace through faith, and then put on Christ in serving one another and not being served, that the Lord will be our joy as Christ Covenant Church.

A Commissioning Service

On Sunday August 19th at 5:00 pm at 1824 Barnwell St. the Palmetto Presbytery will conduct the Commissioning Service of Christ Covenant Church. Dr. George Crow of Northeast Presbyterian Church will be present to preach God’s word, and other members of Presbytery will carry out the order of the service. The Elders and Deacons of Christ Covenant Church will be ordained and installed, as well as Pastor Jim Wilkerson. Scott Dinkins will be called by the Session of Christ Covenant Church as the Pastoral Assistant. We want to encourage each member of Christ Church and Covenant Presbyterian Church to participate in this important service taking vows as members of Christ Covenant Church. There will be a reception to follow. If you would like to participate in bringing something for the reception please contact Julie Armstrong by email at julie@ccotc.org.

Launching Christ Covenant Church

After the Commissioning Service on August 19th we will continue to meet as Christ Covenant Church at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM at 1824 Barnwell St. until we are ready to launch at 3100 Covenant Road. The Session has asked the Worship Space, Education and Administration Space, Fellowship Space, and Technology and Marketing Committees to make recommendations for what needs to be done prior to our launching as a new church at Covenant Rd. They are responsible to devise a budget, a timetable for completions, and all of this prioritized. The deadline for these committee reports is August 31st. The Session will take the committees recommendations and together with the Diaconate devise an overall budget and estimated for the Launch of Christ Covenant Church at 3100 Covenant Road.

The Sessions goal is to launch Christ Covenant Church as a re-planted church with our vision and mission in revitalized facility that will serve our present body, and is welcoming to the community. This is a short term goal, and we will be exploring longer term goals in regard to the facilities in 2019.

We are asking you to participate in the preparations for this launch in the following ways:

  • Pray for the sale of 1824 Barnwell St.
  • Pray for the Session, Diaconate, and Committees as they are engaged in this work preparing for the launch.
  • Pray for our Vision and Mission as a church to be realized.
  • Pray together with us on Thursday August 16th at 6:00 PM at Covenant Rd.
  • Pray for our church to have a heart of generosity in giving of time, talents and treasures to this important work of launching Christ Covenant Church.
  • Thank and encourage those who are working hard toward this short term goal.
  • Join in the work by asking to be a part of a committee or asking a committee member what you can do to serve them and the work they’re trying to accomplish.
  • The committee chairs are:
    • Worship Space Committee - Emily Greenwood
    • Education & Administration Space Committee - Judy Thomason
    • Fellowship Space Committee - Shay Feaster & Ben Wilkerson
    • Marketing & Technology Committee - Andy Markle
    • Church - School Liaison Committee - Bruce Braswell

Blessed are the Peacemakers

On Sunday August 12th we will begin a 6 week Adult Life Group (11:30am) entitled, Blessed are the Peacemakers. It is important in premarital or marriage counseling to learn how to handle conflict in the relationship. In the marriage of two churches it is important that we re-learn or learn how to handle the conflict that arises in our relationships. God is reconciling the world of people that are in conflict with him and one another to himself and to one another. Therefore, our church should evidence this glorious peacemaking work of the gospel in our everyday relationships. Plan to participate in growing as a peacemaker by attending the Life Group following morning worship.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision - Christ Covenant Church exists as a gospel movement for personal conversion and renewal, community formation, mercy, justice, and cultural renewal in Columbia and the world.
  • Mission - Worship, Life and Ministry Together in Christ

Last Sunday I shared with the adult Life Group our Vision and Mission as Christ Covenant Church. The Vision is what we want to see, and the Mission is what we do. What we want to see and what we do is dependent upon what God does among his church. Therefore I want to encourage you to learn to see the Vision and Mission as reflected in the Scriptures. Secondly, I want to ask you to pray with me from those Scriptures asking God to work in his church his vision and mission at Christ Covenant Church.

This week I want to ask you to see from the Scriptures a “gospel movement”. A Gospel Movement is when the gospel is rediscovered, lifted up, understood and becomes a dynamic in individual lives and in the church corporately. In the individuals life this movement brings about conversion and renewal. In the church this movement brings about a balance.

In Acts 2 Peter is preaching the gospel and it effects a movement in individual lives as well as the church corporately. In verse 37 Luke tells us, “when they heard this they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?” God was moving in their hearts individually to believe the things that were spoken to them (Acts 16:14). This was bringing about conversion, repentance and faith. The result was a movement of the gospel bringing about many who were added to the number of the church (41). The movement is also evidenced in the renewal of individuals. The apostles are certainly renewed as they preached and explained the gospel. But also others were renewed as they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, the fellowship and breaking of bread, and the prayers (2:42). This individual renewal also lead to a corporate renewal and balance. We see the dynamic preaching and teaching of God’s word, the observance of the sacraments of baptism (41), and communion (42), praying together, sharing in the needs of one another (45-46), and the sharing of the gospel with others in their words and deeds (47). They were worshiping, living life, and doing ministry together. Please pray with us that God will work this kind of gospel movement in his church today that we might see this vision and mission realized.

If you would like to receive the weekly emails encourage our gospel renewal praying for a gospel movement, please contact Cindy Jones at cindy@ccotc.org

Encourage One Another

We will be together beginning Sunday August 12th at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm for Worship Together; 11:15-12:00 for Life Together; and every week for Ministry Together. I want to ask you to participate in encouraging one another as we move toward this marriage of two churches. If there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from his love, any participation in the Spirit...Welcome one another, show hospitality, pray for one another, demonstrate brotherly affection, speak truth to one another, overlook offenses, forgive one another and bear one another’s burdens, be as intensive about another’s interests as you are your own, and humble yourselves before one another. All this, that we may rejoice together in our marriage to our Lord, and that we may rejoice together as he puts us in a marriage with one another as Christ Covenant Church.


Join us Sunday at 

10:00 am at 1824 Barnwell St

6:00 pm at 3100 Covenant Rd.