Life is Ministry Conf. Followup

Our 2014 Life is Ministry Conference was a wonderful and fruitful time in the life of Christ Church.

Our aim in this conference was to:
Expand the church's vision for ministry together locally and globally
Expose the church to the possibilities for ministry together locally and globally
Equip the church for ministry together locally and globally

Our vision was expanded as we were instructed through the Scriptures in our preaching times. Our vision was expanded as we heard how God is using another church in our state to reach the nations through church planting. Our vision was expanded as we heard first hand from a church planter in Greece, and you can watch this video to hear it first hand from England and Berlin. Our vision was expanded as we interacted and heard from local ministry representatives.

Our lives were exposed to the possibilities of ministry as we considered how we might form a missions team to begin a concerted effort as a church in “going global”. Our lives were exposed to the possibility of ministry together as we interacted with local ministry representatives. They shared with us how we can be involved in meeting needs through real hands on ministry locally.

We were equipped for ministry together as we shared in seminars on evangelism and mercy ministry. And we were equipped for ministry through the preaching ministry of Dr. Richard Belcher on Friday night and in both services Sunday.

Many of the participants in the L.I.M. Conference responded by filling out a “blue card”. We have received over 25 cards to date indicating a desire to participate in ministry together. These cards will continue to be collected over the next couple of weeks. We will be gathering the information from those cards and providing follow up through the leadership of the church and the Diaconate. We are also planning time for debriefing and Q&A from the conference in upcoming Shepherding Group gatherings. This will be a time for people to share how the conference impacted them, for the leadership to field questions and for each Shepherding Group to discuss and begin planning a local ministry effort for 2014. If you have not filled out a card and returned it please do so in the coming weeks. There is a box in the narthex at church where you can place your completed card.

We will be forming two ministry teams in the coming months as a result of our conference. There will be a global ministry team that deals with the Christ Church global missions efforts. This team will be responsible for seeing that we as a church are integrally involved in what God is doing among the nations. There will also be a mercy / evangelism ministry team developed. This team will be responsible for helping us in our efforts at ministry together locally. If you are interested in being a part of one of these teams please fill out a blue card and place it in the box at church.

The staff of Christ Church wants to thank all who participated and all who helped us put together this terrific conference this year. We look forward to a repeat of this conference next year. Please be in prayer for Christ Church as we live in the present mission of our Lord's church making disciples of all peoples, baptizing and teaching them to obey all that our Lord has commanded. It is a great privilege and responsibility to be engaged in the mission of the church. Let us continue marching together to Zion as we trust our Lord to build his church and his kingdom.

For His Glory,

Pastor Jim Wilkerson
Christ Church of the Carolinas


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