Living in the Death of Christ

Tonight I had the joy of preaching on a life lived in the death of Christ from Romans 6. You can listen here.

Where there is a superabundance of sin in Adam and his sons, there is a greater superabundance of grace in Jesus Christ. So stop laboring and start believing, trusting, thanking and living.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is received not achieved to bring about change: new life, transformation, a new creation, beauty, goodness, righteousness, holiness, rejoicing, dancing, singing, love, peace, comfort, rest, wisdom, understanding, gentleness, kindness, humility…The gospel of Jesus Christ frees people from the dominion of sin to live in the death and life of Jesus.

A life for the glory of God lived in the death of Christ is hindered by slavery to sin. Every person is a spiritual slave to their sinful passions. The apostle Paul deals with this spiritual slavery to sin by preaching a gospel we did not achieve but receive in the death of Christ. He tells the church to offer themselves to the God of the gospel who reveals himself in a standard of teaching that is in the death of Christ (Rom.6:2,17). A death to sin that is in the objective past at the cross. That life is not in something to do but is something already done. Every person who has believed in Jesus for a salvation received and not achieved have already died to sin. We are to consider ourselves dead to sin, not something to do but something to believe, trust, live in.

It is this gospel we must redeploy and consider to stir our hearts and inflame our minds and affections to faith in Christ so that we flee our sinful passions and offer ourselves to our God.

It is Jesus Christ who emptied himself and became poor to serve us with the riches of his life and death to lovingly make us his own. Jesus Christ had all the power in the world and he looks upon us trapped by everything that enslaves us. He made himself like us, suffered as a man, became sin for us and was crucified on a cross, he became a servant, he laid aside himself to love us. The love of God revealed in Christ is the fullness of God we can trust. We can freely offer ourselves to him.


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