Pervis family update Oct 2018

Dear Friends,

“… but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. “   Isiaiah 40: 31 (ESV)

Our first two months in Greece have included many answered prayers. One of them was God providing an apartment in our town of Glyfada that is quiet, comfortable and affordable. It took a while to get the process going because we arrived while everyone, including realtors, was on summer vacation. But in the end, by God’s grace (and help from the internet),  it was only the fourth one that we looked at. Having an official address then allowed us to complete the last step in applying for the one-year residence permit. Also, Erin and I have begun Greek language study. We are trying two different programs because of preferences in location and learning style. We’ll let you know how that goes in a few months! Finally, last week we started teaching English to several of the Middle Eastern refugee families currently residing in the apartment building provided by the Glyfada Church.  They are very motivated to learn despite all that they have been through. They are also learning Greek at the same time, but having adequate English speaking skills will be useful wherever they end up settling long term. Thank you for your prayers for these dear guests and for these specific needs that God has met.

In the midst of these blessings, we are waiting on the Lord for two very important matters. One is our shipment of household belongings that is still in storage in Ukraine due to Greek customs problems. We have remained in temporary housing for two months. Even though our newly rented apartment is unfurnished (think-no appliances and no light fixtures),  we plan to move in sometime next week and “camp out” using a mixture of new and borrowed things. We are more than ready to empty our suitcases! I must return to Ukraine next week to obtain a customs document from the Greek Consulate. Please pray that God would enable us to resolve the Greek customs problems without having to pay heavy import taxes and that God will enable our moving truck to get on the road soon! We’ve thought often in these last weeks about Jesus’ words to his disciples in Luke 9. “Take nothing for the journey- no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.”  It definitely would have been a lot easier!

The second matter is that we are without a car. As we prepared for the year of Home Ministry Assignment in the USA, we sold our 12-year old car in Ukraine. During the year in the States, this money was used to pay for repairing Clara’s car and finding a used car for Josiah for college. Though we have always purchased a car on the field with our own funds, at this point we do not have the money to do so. There is limited public transportation in the Glyfada area of Athens and our work with refugees and other English ministry there will require a car. Please pray that God would provide the funds for us to purchase a car.  In response to this need, our home church, First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, GA, has set up a car fund for us. If you or someone you know would like to help us with this need, here is how:

Please write out a check payable to First Presbyterian Church Augusta and on the MEMO line only write “Greece Project Account”. This will insure that the gift is set aside for our car. Please do not write our name on the Memo line or anywhere else on the check.

                    Please mail the check to:   First Presbyterian Church

                                                                   615 Telfair Street

                                                                   Augusta, GA  30901

Thank you for your faithful intercession and generous support for church planting in Athens and for the refugee ministry here.

In Christ’s love,

David and Erin


  1. God has led us to a suitable apartment in Glyfada (our target area).
  2. We have started studying Greek.
  3. We have begun teaching English to the residents of the church’s refugee house.
  4. Our application for the 1-year residence permits has been submitted.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that our Greek 1-year residence permits will be approved.
  2. Pray that Greek and Ukrainian customs will soon clear our boxes and furniture with minimum duty to pay.
  3. Pray for smooth travel for our shipment and the move into our apartment.
  4. Pray for our effective study of Greek. It is a challenging language.
  5. Pray that God will strengthen and encourage the refugee families through the English lessons we are teaching this fall.
  6. Pray for Clara and Josiah’s fall classes and college life to go smoothly without us there.
  7. Please continue to pray for Erin and me to have courage, strength and joy amidst many changes and challenges in this transition to Greece.
  8. Pray for the young Ukrainian believers from English ministry to mature and become faithful disciples of Christ there.
  9. Pray for Sam and his wife in Athens to learn English, grow in their faith and find good jobs in Athens.

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