Public Faith Conference February 16-17, 2018

I am inviting anyone who would like to join me for a live stream conference at Christ Church:

Public Faith Conference: Formed to Share Our Hope in Christ

February 16-17, 2018
Christ Church via Live Stream from Redeemer Church & Ministries NY

In the pluralistic culture we live in, what does it look like to share our faith? In our current day, some of us might be finding it harder and harder to know how to dialogue and share our faith with the relationships in our lives. As believers we are called to evangelize with those God has placed in our lives with thoughtfulness, gentleness and respect. Yet, at times we shy away from this, and it can prevent us from being “prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have,” (1 Peter 3:15).

One of our “core values” should be to be a church where people who are not Christian feel welcome—their questions invited and their doubts respected. How do we equip ourselves to be good listeners to our non-believing friends’ questions and winsome sharers of the gospel?

It is difficult to publicly identify as a Christian when the culture pressures people to keep their religious beliefs private. A candid account of the gospel story that is a Christian’s deepest identity can be met with dismissive or even derogatory reactions. So our cities and neighborhoods can be perplexing places to “go public” and talk to friends, neighbors or colleagues about our faith.

This Conference is designed to help you become more equipped to have meaningful and fruitful conversations about your faith with your friends who don’t believe. Here’s some important things participants should know:

  • At Christ Church we should see sharing our faith in the context of authentic relationships. We do not want anyone turning their friends into “projects”. The conference will explore how we can become better listeners and better at asking questions so that we can know and understand our friends, their doubts and their perspective.
  • At Christ Church we want to instill the idea that sharing our faith is a dialogue, and not a canned step by step monologue. The conference will not teach you a script or system to try and “convert” someone on the spot. Rather, you will learn from experienced apologists how to become more comfortable interacting about your faith.
  • At Christ Church we believe the most effective way to share your faith is an organic process in community. You will not be asked to join a team or go and do some kind of overt evangelism. You will be encouraged to engage with people you know in a way that allows you to have thoughtful and winsome conversations about the gospel.

Please join me for this unique opportunity to be formed to share our hope in Christ.

Public Faith Conference - Formed to Share Our Hope in Christ

Via - Live Stream from Redeemer Church and Ministries

Christ Church

Friday February 16th 7:00 pm

Saturday February 17th 9:30 am

Speakers: Tim Keller (Redeemer City to City),

Sam Allberry, Michael Ramsden, & Jo Vitale (RZIM)


Join us Sunday at 

9:30 am at 3100 Covenant Rd.

11:00 am at 1824 Barnwell St.