Resources for God Glorifying Marriage

Marriage is the place ordinary people living ordinary Christian lives enter the extraordinary privilege of displaying God's covenantal love to a watching world. It is possible that the most extraordinary thing you can do is stay married and live out your life in the roles God has designed for you as a loving husband and submissive wife. This is love to God and your neighbor in the profound place of relationships.
We are on Sunday mornings in the middle of Paul's teaching on relationships in marriage. We opened last week in Ephesians 5:31-32, The Meaning of Marriage. We saw that marriage is about more than marriage. Marriage is the doing of God for the display of his covenant love. The doing of God in bringing two people together in a one flesh union is for the purpose of displaying His covenant of love with his church through Jesus Christ.

We learned that some of the effects of this meaning are to:

  • guard us against confusion about marriage in a culture of sexual and relational muddiness
  • ground our marriages in grace received from God and bent out toward one another
  • give us hope in marriage hurts
  • guide us in our roles as husbands and wives


If you missed this sermon contact the church for a recorded copy of the sermon, a printed manuscript or listen online through the website. I encourage you to continue in this series on 

marriage during Sunday morning worship as we look at a husbands love and a wife's joyful submission. But I also want to urge you to do more. Take up and read together.
If you are married or engaged to be married I want to recommend to you the exercise of being a learner concerning marriage. A God glorifying marriage is realized in process. It is a practice. It is a practice that requires learning, effort and work in the grace that God gives.


I have been married to the same lovely wife for 25 years and our marriage is not the model 

marriage. I would not encourage anyone to "do as we have done". But I would encourage anyone to do as we have done in learning about, working at, and fighting for a God glorifying marriage. Therefore, I would encourage you to keep a growing library of books to read and put into practice on marriage. Here are some recommendations:

  • This Momentary Marriage, John Piper
  • When Sinners Say I Do, Dave Harvey
  • Marriage Matters, Winston T. Smith
  • The Meaning of Marriage, Timothy Keller
  • Reforming Marriage, Douglas Wilson

These books will be available on the kiosk at church. These books listed are for married couples in general. I would encourage this type of learning together. It is not a bad idea for a husband to read a book on being a husband, like, "The Complete Husband" by Lou Priolo, or "The Exeplary Husband" by Stuart Scott. It is not a bad idea for a woman to read a book on her role as a wife like, "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace, or "Feminine Appeal, Seven Virtues on Being a Godly Wife and Mother" by. However, there is something more to the investment of reading a book together. The one flesh union of a man and woman is expressed in more than sexual intercourse. It is meant for more than filling the earth with children. There is in this union the intercourse of personalities, of two image bearers learning one another and growing together in Christ. There are many ways this takes place, but one of those ways is through the sharing of a learning experience on the meaning and practice of marriage. This can be the place for the work of God in a couples sanctification. I encourage you to order one of these books for some summer reading with your spouse and see how God uses this to display in your marriage his covenant keeping love to a watching world.

For His Glory,
Pastor Jim


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