Stand By Your Man

Nancy Reagan died this past weekend and she is remembered as the wife of Ronald Reagan. Not that she didn’t do many great things in her lifetime, but as one journalist wrote this week, 'Her aim in her marriage was to make Ronnie great.' A great lady is remembered because she sought to make her husband great. Sounds liberating.

On another front Jay Nordlinger, who writes for National Review, penned an article of an "Exemplary Wife." Ensaf Haidar is the wife of Raif Badawi, the renowned Saudi political prisoner who has been jailed and lashed for his outspoken voice for freedom and justice for all. Mrs. Haidar is currently living in Quebec where she and her children have found asylum, while her husband continues to suffer in a Saudi Arabian prison. In his blog he wrote pieces like the following: "No, To Building a Mosque in New York City", Mr. Badawi wrote,
"On September 11 we remember the painful day of a terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 people. Coinciding with that painful memory, many Muslims in New York are calling for an Islamic centre, including a mosque and a social lounge, to be built in the same area where the World Trade Centre stood.

What pains me most is the boldness of New York’s Muslims, who did not think about the thousands of people who died on that dark day and their families. This brashness has reached the limits of insolence. What bothers me even more is this chauvinist Islamist arrogance they display; they disregard the innocent blood spilled because of the plans of barbaric and brutal masterminds under the slogan of ‘Allahu akbar’.

The question I must ask, as a global citizen first and a citizen of the country that originated those terrorists, is very simple: Why the arrogance? What kind of racist discrimination against innocent human blood allows us to demand such a thing? Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the ordinary American: how open-minded are we going to be if a Christian or a Jewish person attacks us in our very home? Will we build a church or a synagogue for them in the same location as the attack? I highly doubt that."

His wife stood by him and continues to do so even as it affects her identity and life. Her standing by her man is exemplified even to the simple and costly details of her life. Mr. Nordlinger writes, "If Ensaf filed her taxes as a single parent, it would be to her advantage. But she refuses. She insists on filing as married. Because she is."

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/432454/saudi-political-prisoner-raif-badawi-his-wife-ensaf-haidar

The greatness of these women is that they stand by their man to serve him. In a culture where it seems it is the aim and right of every person to be entitled to personal privilege, recognition, position and greatness, the lives of these women breathe into culture a true air of greatness. Jesus Christ defines the great, not as those who are served, and not as those who exalt themselves. The greatest are those who humble themselves (Mt.18:1) and serve others (Mt.23:11). These women have not lost their value, position, and dignity by serving their husbands. They have not sacrificed their feminism. They have glorified it. They have been exemplary as those who do not live to be served but to serve.


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