Techno Sermons

I'm a regular partaker of techno sermons from techno preachers who regularly become my techno pastors. There is great value to my soul and my practice as a preacher and pastor in listening to sermons on the web, but there are also some considerable dangers, and more so for parishioners (that's an old fashioned word for church members) than pastors.

Dr. Sinclair Ferguson shares these concerns for those listening to sermons on the 'World Wide Web':

"(1) Am I fully aware of the emphasis to which I am allowing myself to be exposed? (For often people listen to more sermons on the Web than they do those preached in their own church fellowship.) Is it a "Christ-full" emphasis?

(2) What affect is this having on our affection for and appreciation of the preaching and the preacher in the church to which I belong? Are we engaged in an activity that, without placing a guard on our hearts and lips, may lead us to demean the servant(s) of the Word of God has given to our churches and our families? By the same token, those who preach and whose preaching is then available virtually anywhere on earth need to retain a proper focus on feeding the local flock and more broadly to encourage a concern to honor the local ministry of the Word." (The Whole Christ, Sinclair B. Ferguson, Crossway, p.50 n.25)


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