The Heart of Anger & How to Handle It

Class Overview

091031002319-largeAre you an angry person or do you know an angry person? If you answered, "No", then you need to return to the planet from which you came. If you are an 'earthling' you know someone, have been yourself, are, or will be angry. If you continue to insist that you are not and only spend time with 'positive people', then I imagine I could continue with my verbal insistence and we would discover some negative vibes.

Anger is a common problem in children and adults, even among Christian adults and children. Maybe you've heard someone say, "There's not an angry bone in his body." That may be true, but there is an angry heart in his body. The heart of anger: argues, boasts, is bitter, clams up, complains, curses, disrespects, deceives, disobeys, is harsh, hateful, impatient, insolent, manipulates, mocks, quarrels, rejects, slanders, is tight lipped, unforgiving, ungrateful, unkind, unloving, vengeful, full of wrath, or yells. This is not one we can escape. We all have experienced a heart of anger. This class is designed to help us deal with the heart of anger.

The Bible is clear in it's teaching on anger and the angry person. We will seek to understand what the Bible says about anger in it's righteous and sinful expressions. This understanding of anger will lead us to the heart of sinful anger. We will discover where sinful anger dwells, IN US. That's not the U.S., but us. As Pogo says, "We have found the enemy, and it is us." But this is not where God leaves us. He works by his grace to change his "new creations" in Christ, and that change affects our hearts of anger. He gives us his Spirit and life in Christ that we may work with him in that change. Therefore, we will seek to learn how to employ some Biblical strategies for uprooting the sinful anger in our hearts. We will learn that handling anger is not about changing the relationships, situations and circumstances in our lives. We will continue to experience the stressors that bear upon us everyday, but we will learn how God equips us not to respond in anger. Finally, we will learn how to help others deal with their anger. This class is not designed for us to think only about our own hearts of anger, but how to love our neighbors who struggle with hearts of anger.

I hope you will join us as we tackle some "practical theology" this summer. This class is designed to equip you and your children to handle and uproot the heart of anger in yourselves and others.

Class Schedule 7:00 - 8:00 PM
June 4th What the Bible Says About Anger

June 11th Righteous Anger & Sinful Anger, There Is a Difference

June 18th The Roots of Sinful Anger

June 25th Strategies for Uprooting Sinful Anger Part 1

July 9th Strategies for Uprooting Sinful Anger Part 2

July 16th Strategies for Uprooting Sinful Anger Part 3

July 23rd Dealing with Stress, Rejection & Hurt Without Sinful Anger

July 30th Helping Others with Sinful Anger


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