Update from David and Erin Pervis - Aug 2018

Dear Friends,

For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body – Jews or Greeks, slaves or free – and all were made to drink of one Spirit.    I Corinthians 12: 13 (ESV)

“From when I saw The Passion of the Christ as a boy of thirteen, something has been working in my heart like a volcano. During the difficulties of the last 7 months [fleeing to Greece as a refugee from a closed country], that volcano blew up and I believed in Jesus.” Those are the translated words of a refugee whose baptism I witnessed at the sea during our second day in Athens. A friend of Sam’s who I had met during a skype English lesson had also put his faith in Christ the day before our arrival and was among the 7 refugees who were baptized that day. Each gave an account of how they had put their faith in Christ. Each one’s account was different but Christ’s love reaching where no one else could was the common theme. I could only quietly weep as I listened. What a wonderful Lord we have!

In the weeks leading up to this, we finished our time in Ukraine. I hosted a final English Club Reunion with about 20 students. Most of them were new believers from the last few years. It was one of the sweetest times of fellowship that I have ever experienced.

Also, the Lord gave us strength to empty the house by yard sale (Erin orchestrated it all by Facebook) and by the moving company. As well, He allowed me to finish de-registering with the Ukrainian government and complete Rusty’s travel documents for entering the EU before our departure day. Thank you so much for your prayers for us at every step of the way.

Our arrival in Athens was after midnight of August 12, but our whole team was there to greet us! As well, Sam (my skype English student) and his wife were there and it was a great to finally meet them in person. During our two weeks in Athens we have begun the search for an apartment in Glyfada, worked on residence permit documents, and done some searching for a place to study Greek.

As I wrote about briefly in the last prayer email, a forest fire broke out in the Marathon Mountain area near Athens on July 23, 2108. Driven by high winds, it swept down into a crowded resort village by the sea. Though lasting less than 2 hours, it left at least 100 people dead and 15000 acres of forest and houses destroyed. The Greek Evangelical Church was quick to organize work teams to help the victims. MTW has established a fund to help with the expenses of the work. I volunteered and went two days to help clear burnt debris from a salvageable home. Pray that through the disaster relief work by the church, God would bring many to put their hope and trust where no fire can ever touch.

Thank you for your faithful intercession and your generous support for us as we start church planting ministry in Greece.

In Christ,

David for both of us


  1. Praise God for completion of the sifting, selling and packing the remnant of our household in Ukraine. Praise Him for our endurance amidst it all.
  2. Praise Him for blessing the English Club Reunion and completion of the government documents for our leaving Ukraine (de-registration, Ukrainian customs documents, Rusty’s travel document .
  3. Praise for the safe travel to Greece.
  4. Praise Him for the 7 refugees who testified of their faith by public baptism at the sea.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that the Lord will lead us to the right apartment for our ministry and life in Glyfada. Pray for our Greek work permit approval process (several months).
  2. Pray for the moving of our household to Greece (it happens after we have an address) and for smooth move in.
  3. Pray for wisdom choosing a Greek language school and for effective study of Greek.
  4. Pray for wisdom in where to best help in ministry while language study is our initial priority.
  5. Pray for Clara and Josiah’s fall classes to go smoothly without us there.
  6. Please continue to pray for Erin and me to have courage, strength and joy amidst many changes and challenges in the move.
  7. Pray for the young Ukrainian believers from English ministry to mature and become faithful disciples of Christ there.
  8. Pray for Sam and his wife in Athens to learn English, grow in their faith and find good jobs in Athens.


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