The Sacrament of Baptism


The Sacrament of Baptism in Worship (2017)

Baptism is a generally undervalued resource for spiritual growth and maturity. God has provided a visible picture of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ, which is symbolized by the water. The benefits of baptism do not cease after the sign has been applied, but they continue on throughout the Christian life. Regaining a healthy view of the grace in view in the sacrament of baptism will be exceedingly useful in the Christian church, and will help Christians to be constantly reminded of the forgiveness and life they have in Christ Jesus.

The Recipients and Mode of Baptism - Dr. Ryan McGraw

The History of Baptism - Dr. Douglas Kelly

The Usefulness of Baptism - Dr. Ryan McGraw

Q & A with Dr. Kelly and Dr. McGraw


OFFERING MUSIC IN WORSHIP                  (2016)

Offering Music in Worship - Rev. Terry Johnson



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