Growth Groups

What's a "Growth Group?" 

Growth Groups are small groups of people who meet outside of church on a regular basis. The goal is to not only learn about the Bible but to learn about each other and how we can serve one another and our community.

Why join a Growth Group?

Are you new to Christ Covenant Church? Joining a Growth Group in your area is a great way to get to know people on your side of town and to start making friends at church. More than that, we are designed for relationship with God and with one another and let's face it... seeing each other for a few minutes in the halls of church once per week just isn't enough time. Our desire as a church family is for each person to "know and be known." 

Growth Group meetings typically include fun, food, fellowship, and meaningful conversation around a specific area of... you guessed it - spiritual growth. As followers of Christ, we should be committed to the health and the growth of his Church and Growth Groups are a wonderful opportunity to invest in the lives of those you go to church with every Sunday.  

Where & When do Growth Groups meet?

We meet in each other's homes every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month as a general rule but there's a lot of flexibility. Some groups like to meet on a different day of the week that works better with their schedules and some like to meet every week instead of twice per month. Some groups rotate homes and who's hosting and others meet at the same family's house every time. Your group will figure out what works best for everyone. It's not about rules - it's about realtionship. 

What about my kids? Will I need a babysitter?

That's up to you and your group. Someone in your group may have small children and wish to host the group every time you meet so that they don't have to pay for a sitter. In other groups, the host hires a sitter that everyone splits the cost for so they can bring their children and know someone is caring for them while the adults are able to give each other their attention. 

Will I have to study or read a lot between meetings?

No! The curriculum is light for a reason. You may have 10 or so pages to read just so that you're able to thoughtfully contribute during your time together in discussion but there are no workbooks or assignments. Again, the purpose of Growth Groups is primarily to connect people and to build relationships within the church and community - not to follow a bunch of rules or pile on more work for you throughout the week. 

How do I join a Growth Group in my area?

That's a great question! And an easy one. All you have to do is contact Pastor Scott Dinkins and he will know exactly which group is meeting in your area and get you plugged-in. Email him at with the subject line, "Growth Groups."



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