Summer Series

Summers at Christ Church

Wednesday evenings in the Summer are a lot of fun around Christ Church. We have a big cookout and just hang out, laugh, and feast together before we gather around and enjoy a lesson. It's a great time to bring friends or neighbors and to enjoy fellowship with your church family.

The topic or issue of the Summer teaching series for adults and children changes each year. Read below about our last adult Summer Series...



Why Do I Care What You Think of Me?

Fear of God or Fear of Man?

We care what others think of us and it is a root cause of many problems in our most important relationships.  We either want to fit in to the larger group or we want to stand out from the crowd.  This study aims to identify this problem in our life and how it manifests itself.

We will go beyond a mere diagnosis and seek to answer the biggest questions in life: Who is God? Who am I? Who are They? The answers to these questions will enable us to know what to do and how to grow in our most important relationships.

There will be classes for children of all ages.



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10:00 am