What to Expect on Your First Visit

 Expect to be welcomed!

We love having visitors with us on a Sunday morning, evening, or at any of our church functions. We know it’s not easy visiting a church for the first time so here’s some information that will help you feel welcome without feeling overwhelmed…

What time is the service?

Our regular worship service begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends around 11:15 a.m. We move through an “order of worship” which is designed to help us worship God together through praying, singing, the reading and preaching of the Word of God, and the Sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s supper. 

How should I dress?

You’ll find some people wearing dresses and suits and others who prefer jeans and a T-shirt. Please make yourself comfortable and come as you are!

What’s the music like?

The music at Christ Covenant Church is simple and elegant. We sing traditional hymns as well as a few newer ones. The hymns we sing are selected to complement the text of the sermon and are accompanied by a piano and strings.  

Is there something for my kids?

If you have children who require care, you'll be directed to our children's wing where we have a nursery and classrooms for ages 0-4. Your child will be given a name tag and you will be asked for any special care instructions.

Am I going to be expected to give money?

Of course not. You are our guest. Please do not feel obligated to put money in the offering plate as it comes by. We believe in giving freely and generously as an act of worship for members who call Christ Covenant Church home. 

Do you have “Sunday School?” 

Following the service, grab a cup of coffee and join us for our "Life Groups" (this is like a Sunday School class). There will generally be a short lesson and then you'll discuss what we've learned together with the small group of people at your table. It's a great way to meet a few people on your first visit without feeling overwhelmed or getting lost in the crowd. 


If you have any other questions that you can't find an answer for by browsing our site, please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff by phone at 803-254-5055 or email info@ccotc.org 


We look forward to meeting you! See you Sunday.





Join us Sunday at 

10:00 am at 1824 Barnwell St

6:00 pm at 3100 Covenant Rd.